Gifts by Jo Ellen Bogart (Illustrated by Barbara Reid)

Gifts by Jo Ellen Bogart and Barbara Reid

Gifts is about a girl and her grandma. Whenever the grandma goes on a trip, before she leaves, she asks: “What would you have me bring?

The grandma travels to Africa, China, India, and so on. I like that the grandma is so nice, that she travels all around, and that every time she goes somewhere she brings back a present. What I like the most is that none of the gifts are toys. The girl asks for stuff like a baobab seed, a didgeridoo, a rainbow to wear as a ring, and a long white hair from a polar bear. But I think the grandma is a bit too nice. What if she gets poor from travelling everywhere?

I recommend this book to anyone who likes poetry combined with story. Or to those who like travelling.

Eagan, age 9

Review copy purchased.

Gifts is illustrated by Barbara Reid using Plasticine. Remember our review of Fox Walked Alone?


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