A Wizard in Love by Mireille Levert, Illustrated by Marie Lafrance

A Wizard in Love by Mireille Levert

This book is about a wizard named Hector who sleeps at least three times a day. One day he gets woken up by a lady who is singing and playing the piano. It’s his new neighbour. Hearing the wonderful music he wants to get rid of her– he doesn’t like wonderful. He bakes her an evil cake and picks her some flesh-eating flowers hoping to scare her away. But when he meets her he falls in love instead. He now likes wonderful and wants to marry her. They are still singing together today.

I don’t like this book because it’s too weird. The drawings are very strange, especially the way Isobel looks. I wish she was drawn differently. I think my mom should give the book away.

This book is for wizard and up.

Reviewed by Eagan, age 9

(review copy purchased).


I like when the wizard is strange and weird, but not when he falls in love and changes. My favourite part is when his cat, Poison, tastes the cake and turns into a cat-dragon. I also like the picture of the little bird-bat sweeping the floor.

I think people like my dad or my friend’s dad would like this story. And all my crazy friends would too. But my best friend and most of my girl friends would not like it. It would be too weird for them.

I don’t want my mom to give this book away. I like it a lot.

Reviewed by Jessa, age 5.


I have mixed feelings about A Wizard in Love. Like Jessa, I appreciate the odd antics of the wizard trying to get rid of his beautiful new neighbour and her wonderful singing voice. Overall, I love the vibrant colours and the illustrations of the animals on their hind legs playing stringed instruments. However, like Eagan, I just can’t get past how Isobel has been illustrated. On an aesthetic level, it overrides my sensibilities and I’m drawn away from the text. I feel repelled from entering into this otherwise interesting story. For me, Isobel’s illustrations alone take this quirky tale over the top. Funny how that works!

A Wizard in Love is not a keeper in my books, but for Jessa’s sake we’ll hang on to it a while longer.

If you’ve read this story, we’d love to hear your experience with it.

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