Reading in the Woods by Rebecca BenderK.C. Darling is a Vancouver-based writer and artist. She holds a BFA in creative writing and is currently completely a master’s degree through which she’s researching and writing a novel set in the ancient Near East. Her earliest, most magical and memorable experiences with story include Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf, The Ugly Duckling, and C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. It’s no wonder, then, that she’s especially interested in folk and fairy tales, classic literature, mythology, trickster narratives, and creation accounts.

Turtle by Rebecca BenderSusan Jean lives in British Columbia with her husband, children, books, coffee pot, computer, and ever growing menagerie of small household pets. Susan holds a BSc with a major in biology, and has worked in the fields of education, community resources and medical technology. For the past decade plus she has been “momming” full time. Susan enjoys creative writing and is the author of Why Did the Pigeon Cross the Road?, Duck, Duck, GOOSE! and Oolong Tea!, all available on Amazon.

Library Fairy by Rebecca BenderThe Library Fairy has been a children’s librarian for 16 years and her favourite sight at work is a child struggling along to the checkout desk under the weight of a pile of books! She has a Masters in Library and Information Studies from UBC and now specializes in early years programming (although she has done a bit of everything when it comes to library services for kids and teens). Her reading interests include but aren’t limited to: picture books, board books, teen fiction, new and popular adult titles, Southern fiction, funny mysteries and historical fiction. She has been married to her husband (“the Giant”) for 12 years and they have a two-year-old son (“the Imp”), both of whom also love reading. In addition to books, the family’s shelves are crammed with Lego, tiki mugs, stuffed animals, and superhero and sci fi memorabilia.

Christina Miller was born and raised in the Southeastern United States and studied English at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. She spent many years reading and reviewing books for adults, but her true passion is children’s literature. She loves reading with her three sons and baby girl. Her high-energy little ones make their home a loud and lively place, so she treasures the quiet intimacy a shared book can bring. In addition to reading, she enjoys riding her bike and baking.

Eagle by Rebecca BenderEagan is an eight-year-old whose imagination soars into space. He spends endless hours designing machinery, computer technologies, programs, and apps and crafting characters with superhuman capabilities. He gravitates towards stories of space and science, and anything out of this world–whether it be Stark Industries, Cybertron, Middle Earth, or Hogwarts. Eagan intends to be an inventor and is itching for the opportunity to explore the art of metalworking.

Elephant by Rebecca BenderErin is nine, and while decidedly more “screen oriented” than her siblings is still extremely fond of both books and books on CD, which she listens to for hours on end. Erin was just three days old when she made her first outing to the library. For a library card! She particularly loves non-fiction and nature books, but also favours stories of adventure and mystery. She has a strong appreciation for illustrations and routinely takes the time to explore and analyze their richness as she reads.  In her free time Erin enjoys writing and illustrating stories of her own.

Ladybug by Rebecca BenderJessa is a five-year-old fascinated with bugs and bats. She brings home any book that will teach her more about these marvelous creatures. She has a soft spot for spiders, and enjoys the outdoors, digging in ocean sand, and educating adults about ladybug larvae. In her mind, it’s stories like Charlotte’s Web that help foster respect and appreciation for these ‘creepy’ critters that are often–and unfortunately– misperceived.

Penguin by Rebecca BenderKyra is a busy teen who can’t wait for summers when the demands of late French Immersion, soccer and karate ease and there is more time to lose herself in the world of books. She likes a range of genres including action/adventure, fantasy, dystopia and manga. Kyra prefers stories driven by plot or by strong and unique characters, and has limited tolerance for predictability, stock characters or romance centered plots.


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