Ollie’s Valentine by Olivier Dunrea

Ollie's Valentine by Olivier Dunrea

Dunrea’s adorable birds are back, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Ollie’s friends Gossie, Gertie, Peedie, and BooBoo have all given each other Valentines, but where is Ollie’s? Never fear, there’s a special one waiting for him at the end of the book! The problem I often have with holiday books is that they’re just too long and wordy. This is a simple little story with eye-catching details for tiny folks. Each heart is shiny and a different colour – the Imp enjoyed naming the colours and he tried to see his reflection in them. He also liked that the geese wear boots. (Are all toddlers obsessed with rubber boots, or just mine?) But the best part is the ending – Ollie’s special Valentine is a heart-shaped mirror, so his Valentine is YOU! The Imp still loves books with mirrors and he was intrigued that this one was a heart. I agree with the Children’s Literature reviewer who pointed out that it’s nice to see a Valentine’s Day book that isn’t all frilly and pink. And not too mushy-gushy, either! This is a great book to read with your smallest Valentine.

Library Fairy by Rebecca BenderReviewed by The Library Fairy

(review copy borrowed from the library).