The Iron Butterfly by Chanda Hahn

I stumbled across The Iron Butterfly on the IBook app on my IPad in the ”free young adults” section. What made me interested in this book was the unusual title. It made me want to know what the story was about. So I gave it a try and I was very surprised at the results.The Iron Butterfly by Chandra Hahn

The book was categorized under fantasy, so if you don’t like action, adventure or fantasy literature then this book is probably not for you.

The pace of the book was, for me, just right. Some other books that I have read were slow going and just got boring, or on the other hand some books zip through scenes and story lines so fast I have to go back and reread them. The Iron Butterfly focused well on important elements in the story and spent little time with others.

This also ties in with description. In The Iron Butterfly Chandra Hahn put the perfect amount of description into her story, enough so you can get a good picture or understanding of what’s going on but not too much so that some readers, like myself, start tuning out of long descriptive paragraphs.

The way Chanda Hahn writes is a big contributing factor to why this book is so beautiful. She doesn’t hesitate to plunge right into the deep end and describe the character’s emotions in their own quirky way. Because this book is written in first person, Chanda Hahn really frames her writing and how she tells the story around the main character, Thalia. She has this amazing personality and it can be amusing to see how she describes things.

There is some romance in the book but it is a side interest to contribute to the problem.

So if you enjoy fantasy books with lots of action then I highly recommend this book for you. It is superbly written and it creates its own world inside your head. Chanda Hahn is a brilliant author so I hope you download this free book onto your device and give it a try!

Reviewed by KyraPenguin by Rebecca Bender

(review copy obtained via free download)