Treasure Island: A BabyLit Shapes Primer by Jennifer Adams, Illustrated by Alison Oliver

Treasure Island

Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of chocolate milk! It’s another book that I had to buy because the Imp loved the library copy so much. The Giant and I are quite into pirates and so we’ve been introducing them to the boy.

Like all of the BabyLit books, this one focuses on one concept – shapes. The Imp has learned such 2-year-old improbable words as octopus, diamond, oval, crescent and, his favourite, jolly roger. Each 2-page spread has a white picture of the shape on a coloured background with the word below on the left and a Treasure Island-themed picture using that shape on the right (treasure map, Long John Silver, ship, etc.).

While the style of the artwork isn’t my favourite (I’m a girl who likes super-cute), it’s bold and striking but simple, which makes it easy to point out the shapes in the picture and to find details like the various jolly rogers and octopi throughout. This book is a triple threat – exposure to a classic, colours practice and an introduction to shapes, including more complex ones.

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