Boas by Doug Wechsler

Boas by Doug Wechsler
Boas by Doug Wechsler

This book tells you about the different types of boa snakes. There’s the rubber boa, tree boa, rosy boa, sand boa, boa constrictor, and the anaconda. I like the rubber boa so much that now I want one. I like that it is gentle around people and that it feels like rubber.

Some people are scared of snakes because of the movies that show boa constrictors or anacondas attacking people. I learned from this book that boas do not attack people. A boa will only bite a person to protect itself. But first it will hiss to warn the person to stay away. A wild boa will try to constrict you only if you grab it.

Boas do not lay eggs like other snakes. The eggs stay inside her body and they do not have shells. The baby snakes are born live. They come out of the mother in a clear sac. I wish the book showed a picture of baby snakes when they are born.

I did not like the picture on page 19 because the boa is constricting a mouse that is too cute. It should be constricting a rat instead.

I would recommend this book to snake lovers. I would not recommend it to people who do not like snakes. Well… maybe people who do not like snakes should read this book. It will help them to see how interesting snakes are and that they do not have to be afraid of them.

Eagle by Rebecca Bender ResizedReviewed by Eagan

(review copy borrowed from the library).



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