How Santa Got His Job by Stephen Krensky, Illustrated by S.D. Schindler

How Santa Got HIs Job by Stephen Krensky
How Santa Got His Job by Stephen Krensky, Illustrated by S.D. Schindler

This book is all about what Santa did before he became Santa Claus. I picked this book because I grew up reading it. I like when Santa is looking for different jobs, and seeing what problem he has with each one. In the story Santa worked as a chimney sweeper, a delivery guy, a cook,
at a zoo and in the circus. The funniest thing in the book is the pictures. Elephant by Rebecca BenderIf I could change one thing it would be the way Santa found the elves. This is a good book!

Reviewed by Erin.


How Santa Got His Job has been with our winter/Christmas books for so long I actually don’t recall how it ever came to be there. I think it was part of a batch of winter themed books that came together in a Scholastic book order many years ago. I have always enjoyed the books humorous and original take on the whole Santa thing, especially at a time of year when it can feel like every book is just the same story told in slightly different words. Here we meet him as just another guy, trying to find and keep a job.

I quite agree with Erin, the section of the story with the elves is the one part that seems a bit forced. Most of the connections are more “believable.” For example, while working as a delivery driver Santa gets frustrated by traffic woes and starts doing deliveries at night when the roads are clear. Customer satisfaction becomes an issue and he is fired, but it sets up a logical segue to both his delivery skills and his propensity for night shifts.

All in all, both the text and the illustrations make this a fun non-traditional addition to the holiday reading tradition.

Turtle by Rebecca BenderReviewed by Susan Jean

(review copy personally purchased).


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