The Whale in my Swimming Pool by Joyce Wan

Whale in Pool

I discovered Joyce Wan‘s adorable, charming board books not long before I had the Imp and they were a staple of his babyhood. We still read them sometimes, especially the yummy You Are My Cupcake. So I was delighted when I found out that she was writing her first full-length picture book! I love her style, which she describes on her website: “I am inspired by Japanese pop culture, Scandinavian design, modern architecture, and everyday things that make me smile. In my perfect world everything would be cute, round, and chubby.” Hey, that’s my perfect world, too!

This is a whale of a book for summer reading, with large, cute, cartoon-like illustrations and a fun story. I just love the whale – as you can see from the cover, he’s so happy and content to hang out in the tiny pool. He’s such a mellow whale. The little boy’s increasing frustration and attempts to get the whale out of the pool are funny and a compromise in the end makes everyone happy… until the boy discovers another creature has taken over inside the house. There are some touches that make it fun for grown-ups, too, including a shark fin in the pool next door and his mother’s completely oblivious response when he tells her about his dilemma. Even the endpapers are charming, with the whale at the beginning and the new animal nuisance at the end.

I’m definitely looking forward to more large-scale stories from Wan – maybe a winter one for next Christmas! 🙂

Library Fairy by Rebecca BenderReviewed by The Library Fairy

(review copy from library).


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