Put on Your Shoes by Dan Stiles


Put on Your Shoes by Dan Stiles

When I read a review of this board book that mentioned Stiles’ retro-modern art style, I knew I wanted to see it. I asked for it to be ordered for the library.

Bringing Put on Your Shoes! home, I suspected that I’d like it more than the Imp. I was ready for his signature shove-away move. But to my surprise, he loved it! It became such a favourite that we had to buy our own copy. He was in a shoe-obsessed phase at the time, so that made it even better! We’re still at the point where we put the Imp’s shoes on for him, so we don’t have the “Put on your shoes”/”No!” battle too much, but I’m sure that we will very soon and you can tell that Stiles has had this struggle himself.

As I expected, I do love the retro style and bright colours. It’s a very cool-looking book that appeals to adults as well as little ones. I love that it shows the child’s wild imagination (one of the reasons she can’t put on her shoes is that she’s caught in a tornado) and the parents’ patience with her. The big people in the family are shown from the toddler’s point of view, that is, only their legs and feet. The humour and here-we-go-again ending are such fun and there’s lots to see in the illustrations. The Imp loves to point out the rug (or rather, “wug”) on each page and little details like a frog and a tornado-tossed car.

Stiles has a new board book out called Today I’m Going to Wear… and I can’t wait to get my hands on it as well!

Reviewed by The Library FairyLibrary Fairy by Rebecca Bender

(review copy personally purchased).


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