Where Did Bunny Go? by Nancy Tafuri

Where Did Bunny Go?

Where Did Bunny Go? is a really great book for the right age group and I love the plot. In the story Bunny and Bird are best friends and love to play, but when Bird doesn’t know where Bunny is the story takes a turn for the worst.

I thought the pictures were very detailed and cute.

If I wrote this book I would change a few things. For example, I would give all the characters names.

The thing I most liked was the character Bird. She was kind and cute and she got so worried when Bunny was lost. Where Did Bunny Go? is a good book.Elephant by Rebecca Bender

Reviewed by Erin

(review copy from personal library).


I think Erin really nailed it when she said “this is a really great book for the right age group.” The book is wonderful for kids aged approx. 2-4, who need a simply told story but are ready for the “complexity” of a problem rooted in relationship and misunderstanding. They would also need to be at the stage where they can, in a basic way, picture things from the perspective of different characters. (Not in a deep or profound way, but enough to understand why Bird can’t see Bunny even though they can.)

The illustrations are gentle and appealing, and simple enough to help keep the focus on the main events of the story.

Our kids loved to read this book over and over again, and enjoyed being “in the know” when Bird struggled to find her friend, though this enjoyment was tempered by their sympathy for her upset and an eagerness to get to the page where things are resolved.

Will You Be My Friend?I am embarrassed to admit that in all the years this book has been on our shelf, and the dozens and dozens of times I’ve read it, it was only as I sat down to respond to Erin’s review that I noticed Where Did Bunny Go? is actually a sequel to another story called Will You Be My Friend?.

Turtle by Rebecca Bender

Reviewed by Susan Jean

(review copy from personal library).


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